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EPUB version. This is an EPUB file with audio components as well as clickable links throughout. If you opt for this version, please be sure you have access to an EPUB reader that will allow you to enjoy the music and author readings included throughout the collection.


Gaining Mom-entum: Poems, Parenting, and a Podcast is Abiola's debut poetry collection. This unique digital collection features poems written throughout the three seasons of the Gaining Mom-entum podcast, where we try our best to parent our kids for the world we want them to grow up in and the world we live in now. The poems are inspired by the joys, challenges, fears, and hopes that we have for our children and with our parenting in today's world. These poems will have you nodding, learning, thinking, laughing, and engaging. Don't forget to check out the interactive components!



"I love that in addition to the perils and joys of parenting, the poems cover race, bullying, overwhelm, aging, and other deeply reflective pieces associated with the topics. I find them inspiringly real, incredibly thoughtful, and very much on point for today’s issues. Some brought tears, others a smile. Many caused me to pause, to do my own reflecting on my parenting and grandparenting. A brilliant first collection, with the hope of many more to come." 

-Susan Wright, Ed.D., author of Dark Night: Reclaiming the Discarded Other



Gaining Mom-entum: Poems, Parenting, and a Podcast - EPUB

  • 978-1-7780449-1-5

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