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2023: Curls, Writes of Spring 2023, Winnipeg Free Press

2022: Three Poems, Dreamers Creative Writing 

2021: Become an Island, Dreamers Creative Writing Magazine, Issue 10 

2021: every. single. time., Sledgehammer 

2021: Reset., Writing In A Woman’s Voice 

2021: A Place of Brightness, Breathe 

2020: Patchwork, Haunted Waters Press 

2020: But Where Are You From?, Breathe 

2020: A Credit Shy, The Lumiere Review 

2020: Proximity, Coronaverses 


2022: Peace by Piece, Minerva Rising, Issue 22 

2022: Halftime, Vine Leaves Press 

2020: Sheets, Dreamers Creative Writing 


2023: A Breath of Fresh Air, Salon Magazine, May + June 2023

2022: What a Feminist Job Recovery Looks Like, Herizons Magazine, Summer 2022 

2021: Poetry Review: I Place You Into the Fire by Rebecca Thomas, Bookilu 

2021: I know how this ends… and that’s a good thing!, Bookilu 

2021: It’s not you, it’s we: Help for assessing a strained friendship, CBC Life 

2020: On Ian Williams’ Word Problems, The Capilano Review 

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