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Restless Writing

Having one of those walking through a haze kind of days. When the sun is rising later and setting earlier so it feels like every hour of the shortened day is like walking through clouds. A kind of restless kinetic energy is coursing through my body making it a struggle to sit and stay focused for any meaningful length of time. The good news is, I have been cooking and baking like they’re my job. The bad news is, neither one is, in fact, my job. So while I’m finding means of what feels like productive procrastination, I am not actually putting pen to paper, letters on the screen. It feels like there is a piece of gauze over my eyes and the light is just barely peeking through. I really do want to sit here and work on a poem or two, but even as I type this, my legs are moving up and down under my desk and my mind has already travelled elsewhere.


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