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Broken Puzzle

Tears dried, decisions made.

The heavy oak door slammed shut

on their relationship. Ready for its closure

to bring open windows, clear out

the emptiness and longing in her

tender heart where kindness and care

once lived. The words full of awe,

aww, and gratitude, grew spiteful

laced with venom. Delivered with

the sole goal of maximum malice.

Dusting herself off,

she stares at the vacancy—the empty

hangers in the hall closet, the empty

spaces on the shoe rack, the empty

confines of her sadness. She feels the

edges of her lips curve into a smile

for the first time since the snow

fell back in December.

The pieces of her broken puzzle finding

their way back together until

a new image has formed. Slightly rough

around the edges, maybe a couple

missing, but stronger and

well worth the heartache.


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