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The Moment Was Ours (One, Two, Three)

Do you ever have one of those periods of time when things just feel relentless? Like every time you try to pause to catch your breath, five more things get added to your plate? It's exhausting. That's when I take a trip down memory lane to moments when I felt pure joy (and decidedly less chaotic) and I hold onto them for dear life. This poem came from one of those moments.

The Moment Was Ours

(One, Two, Three)

A shrill howl whipped through the air, and lights flickered

then disappeared, switching our attention on.

Calm prevailed in proximity and togetherness—

huddled, listening, tension mounting.

Nervous laughter escaped the three of us,

playing games in earnest to quiet our fears.

Then into the silence rang a cry,

“Look out there! Is that a whale?”

An absurd outburst causing

giggles at such an obvious ploy

to steal a victory as the underdog.

Yet two heads turned and there it was—

a fin slicing across the water.

With the dark all but forgotten, we three

grabbed hands, hurrying into coats and boots.

Excited chatter filled the cool, damp air

as we ran down the hill, feet flying.

Standing at the top of the stairs,

looking down on the beach of sand and fog,

there it was appearing again through the mist.

A pause, then gasps of pure delight as

out of the rain one more appeared,

gliding in concert with its kin.

Two orcas swimming through the inlet,

nature’s beauty in full view before us.

The three of us watching in wonder,

inhaling the comfort of the ocean air.

It was breathtaking and cold,

but we did not dare move

lest a single step break the glass

that had been placed around us

It was not of us, nor was it for us, but

forevermore that moment was ours.


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