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Choose Love

Love springs eternal bubbling up, spilling out

coating everything within reach, wanting

our belief that it will be enough to save us.

We are told love conquers all, but where’s

the truth in that when there are wars

between nations, within cities, among families?

When the power of love

can be gunned down by hate.

How do we stand up for love, and hold onto

its capacity for healing through the

anger and ignorance that shouts

it into hiding? All you need is love,

but how will we clean our wounds,

protect our children, and keep each other safe

when there are those hellbent on choosing pain?

Love is love is love. How do we shine rainbows

bright enough to overshadow the ugliness?

How do we overwhelm the allure of a hate so strong

that there are people who elect to cast love aside

clinging to the tentacles of violence and discrimination?

Where is the love? It feels hopeless at times.

But love actually is all around.

A noun. A verb. Passive and active.

It is always there—patient and kind, loud and proud.

It is everywhere. In the face of all our colours.

In the embrace of all genders and abilities, all sexualities and races.

In the persistence of sharing knowledge and creating safety.

Love will continue on in all its forms gaining in strength, power, and

numbers. Love will find a way to erase the cruelty so that hate is no

longer an explanation, an excuse, just another part of daily life.

We are love, eyes wide open

aware of the uphill road we’re climbing.

Love is the start, the middle, the end and it will outlive us all.

We can be love if we allow ourselves.


Grace Yung
Grace Yung
Jun 26, 2022

Wow Abi! This poem is beautiful, raw and truthful. There is hope.

Jun 30, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this poem!

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